Trip - How do you evaluate yourself as a player?
Romário - I'm not humble, I like to say it like it is.
Trip - Go ahead.
Romário - I just don't know defense. As for the rest, I'm perfect. At you don't have to defend to be a striker. So I regard myself as a perfect player, particularly within the scoring area. There, I'm second only to Pelé, who's number one for me, the god of soccer, our god. As for the rest, they're about the same as me, at best.
Trip - You said that Pelé rules...
Romário - He's in a league of his own.
Trip - What about Ronaldinho?
Romário -Ronaldinho... is among the top ten.
Trip - Maradona.
Romário - I scored more than him and won more games than him. In the past 15 years of soccer Maradona is second only to me.
Trip - Is having sex before a game bad?
Romário - I think soccer player contracts should have a clause going something like: the player has to have sex on the day before a game and, if possible, on the day of the game. When I do it before a game I feel different. I feel lighter, my legs are more nimble. Of course, this varies from one person to another. I have friends who cannot have sex on the eve of a game and, much less, on the day they are supposed to play; and I know other people who have sex before a game, on the same day, and everything works out. Just because I do it, it doesn't mean that others also have to, but if I don't have sex on the day before a game, something will be missing.
Trip - How do you think you'll be, physically, when you're 50 or 60?
Romário - You know what? I never thought about that. I live for the moment. I try to do what I think is cool at the time.
Trip - Sex.
Romário - This is for the whole life long. And now, with Viagra, it's gonna be a piece of cake.
Trip - Would you take it?
Romário - Man, I'd take a quart or a pound of it! But I can't do without sex. If it were in liquid form it would be even easier, one would drink it: "Gimme a glass of Viagra!" (laughing)
Trip - What was your first time like?
Romário - I was about fifteen and dating a virgin girl. So she didn't want to put out. So I screwed her friend. I told her: "You don't want to put out? Then I'll have to do your friend." And I did.
Trip - And got hooked forever...
Romário - Oh, that's my real job.
Trip - regarding sex, do you have a favorite position?
Romário - Sex is such an integral part of me that I love all positions. Nowadays it's not much fun to have sex in bed. Beds are for sleeping. The thing is to do it in the elevator, on the beach, in the living room, restaurant toilets, airplanes.
Trip - Airplanes?! You've had sex in an airplane?
Romário - I'm married now, I can't talk about it or Danielle will spank me.
Trip - So tell something you did with her.
Romário - Oh... my wife and I often have sex in the car. On the Rio-Búzios highway, even if other cars are going by, no problem.
Trip - If you could, how often would have sex?
Romário - Everyday, if I could. As far as she's concerned, I think I can. It'd be enough to do it everyday, three times a day. With my current wife, for example, I've done it ten times in a row.
Trip - Ten?!
Romário - Right on the first time, ten. Then she had no choice but to marry. She went: "I'll get married because this guy is a piece of work ".
Trip - You made an impression.
Romário - It's the first impression that counts. It's no lie: ten! I did it and not only that one time.
Trip - Did you do it once, take a break, than go again?...
Romário - No break-taking. Ten in a row, non-stop.

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